The question of going abroad

‘I don’t want to go abroad because I want to serve my people. I don’t want some other nation to enjoy fruits of my hard earned education.’
‘I will never get what I am worthy of here. Unless the bickering beurocrats and self serving politicians stop doing what they are doing what’s the use wasting my life?’
I bet you have heard both these arguments in some form in your life. My problem with these arguments is not about the arguments in itself but the usual hypocrisy that accompanies both of it. One may be going abroad because he wants a good quality of life. One may be staying back because he don’t want his life to be too stressful with a rigorous professional life or be away from his relatives. But almost every one ends up with either of the two arguments I stated above . The sad part is that those are not entirely invalid reasons either.
What should be the real reason for going abroad or staying back? Is there a good reason and a bad reason for doing that?
No. But among all the reasons I guess there would be a true reason.

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