Script progress

Its said that writing is rewriting. In that case I havent even started writing. I am working at an average of 45- 60 minutes per day on this script tentatively titled ‘three’ for the last 1 year. I did outlining for about 4 months. When I had an rough order of events from beginning to end I started writing the scenes. I would rough write (in my dictionary, a more thorough kind of outlining of scenes including dialogue) on some days and write the scenes on some other days. Now 60% of scenes are also over. I am not having much of the dreaded ‘2nd act jitteriness’ may be because I have outlined well.
Hoping to finish the first draft by end of january 2009. I am not comfortable with brainstorming a first draft and then doing 10 rewrites. I plan a lot before putting anything on paper and consolidate as I move on. So I don’t think I will have to sweat much in terms of rewrites. May be one or two drafts that’s all. That too the main objective will be to cut down the length and compress it.


7 thoughts on “Script progress

  1. Nice going dude…I liked your post on writing routine…I am in the middle of a screenplay myself not finding enough time and feeling guilty about it…need to do something and fixing a routine might be the answer…

    1. Thanks. Its nice to know my post on writing has somehow connected with you. scheduling definitely works. but it has to be flexible enough also. if you are too hard on yourself its not going to last long.

  2. All the best man!

    One way that works for me is to rewrite all the time. I do think up a sketch, write it, brainstorm it and rewrite again. What happens to me is that I get into this mirage of seeing things in a way and when I brainstorm it with friends, I see flaws all the time. But there are multiple ways so whatever works.

    Love the way u set targets. Hope I could do that.

    1. Thanks Ravptor for the kind words.
      Discussion with like minded people definitely helps. The objectivity a circle provides cannot be replaced by anything else.
      But for me right now such a circle can only be achieved through net. Atleast for the next one year. So what I am trying to do is to complete the lonely writing work as far as possible in the next year. Do as many as drafts. Work up some new ideas. And wait for the right time.

  3. Use us, PFC, I mean to bounce ideas or if ur struck if you want to. I will get you the contacts of ppl who are good at this and will be more than willing to help.

    BTW, as always, keep writing…

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