Rab ne bana di jodi- 9 scriptwriting flaws



 Yeah what you guess is right. I had written down 10. One of it was too harsh. Considering the fact that this is a better movie from the Yash raj stables  I didn’t want to sound harsh.

Here is my take on the script flaws.

1.    Mixing of different tones. As you would have noticed it’s a different kind of movie until Raj makes his entry. Raj is not only a different  kind of character but a different  world of cinema altogether. Raj  appears  unreal because every thing around him is too real in the movie.(except may be the dance competition). You build up a subtle true to life kind of thing and suddenly some thing jumps into the frame and screams in your face. And again in the final 30 minutes or so movie tries to jump back into the initial tone.

2.    The story really failed because it couldn’t become a satisfying love story. Is it Raj’s love story or Suri’s love story? Naturally it should be Suri’s. Most of the screen time is occupied by Taani’s budding love for raj. The  shift towards Suri comes like a sudden sharp turn on the road. And its over by the time we see it. Love stories connect in the subtlety in the initial part of the lovers’ love. Look at DDLJ. Or Kuch kuch hota hai. Or Hum dil de chuke sanam. The tricky part in writing is where  audience know they love each other but the couple doesn’t acknowledge the truth. Love grabs the audience  when it goes on with pauses and subtlety. But here writer rushes it when he finally gets into the good part. May be he was scared of steering it close to Hum dil de chuke sanam. 

3.    One’s supporting characters need to be three dimensional. Look at Suri’s friend. He is like a genie who materialises when Suri needs some help or a shoulder to cry on . He doesn’t appear to be having a life of his own. Ok  its not possible to go into side stories just for character exposition. Real challenge for the writer is to introduce small small character tidbits in the main scenes itself  without causing it to appear forced.

4.    The too convenient a plot problem solver called ‘Rab.’ Taani has proclaimed her love for Raj. She has agreed to run away  also. Now script writer faces a problem. He wants her to stay back out of love for Suri. But how can she shift gears suddenly when she is already all set to follow ‘supposedly’ another person? Not enough time for spontaneous love. So suddenly she starts to see Rab. Problem is not only of implausibility. Real problem is that audience feel cheated. They are waiting all the time to see the love blossoming between Taani and Suri. Now that love appears  like an implant on her mind. 

5.    Taani not being able to recognise her moustache-less husband has already being talked about a lot. But it would have been forgotten if it was the only liberty taken. Scriptwriter couldn’t make it count.

6.    More unbelievable is the sudden effortless transition of Suri into the persona of Raj. For the story it is required. But writer here haven’t attempted to make it believable. He could have delved on the initial struggles and clumsiness while Suri tries to be raj. Seeing his ease in switching on and off one couldn’t help wondering- why Suri really want to behave like Suri when he has a choice not to?

7.    The coincidence of Raj and Taani becoming dance partners. We are ready to suspend disbelief if it is necessary. But it was such a rough twist of a coincidence (or help of Rab)  to bring them together. A simple solution  could have been Raj scheming and bribing  to be her partner.

8.    The fight between Suri and the sumo wrestler. Script writer suddenly losing the restraint  is not the only problem. If Suri can fight with a sumo wrestler to make Taani laugh what was the need of creating  raj? Why cant Suri himself shake a leg? Crack some jokes? Talk more? That act of Suri makes him loose consistency regarding his behaviour.

9.    The drizzle that makes your wish come true. Come on man when we thought we had seen enough of shooting stars…. Its ok if rain is something that reminds Taani of Raj. But this wish coming true in rain- the dejavu is too much to bear. 

I think it would have been better to fully establish the Raaj- Taani love angle in the first half itself and devote more time for Suri in the second half (to avoid the antics of Rab). But  its easier to point out problems in a finished work. The real hell is facing those blank pages/screen. To spin something out of nothing. The rest of it, the whole world can do.



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