Script writing: my goals for 2009

                      2008 has been the most productive year for me until now as far as script writing is concerned. Though on paper I have only around 140 pages of a 1st draft, I have done regular systematic work last year.

When I plan for next year I have to take into account that I will be very busy in the second half of next year with my exams coming up. Currently I am putting average one to two hrs per day in scriptwriting.

 On most of the holidays I go into some coffee shop and punch the keys for around 3-4 hrs.
That kind of thing is not going to happen after next July until December. Whatever writing I am going to do I will have to fit in inside the study schedule. Long continuous sessions of writing will be injurious to my performance in exams. I will have to break it into 30-40 minute bits squeezed into intervals between sessions of reading. Outlining I can do during boring lectures and while travelling.
So the current average 2 hrs writing/day will come down to 1 hr/day in the last 6 months of 2009. I will have to take that into account while setting goals.
My goals are
1) Complete 1st draft of ‘the three’ by mid february. Throw in a quick rewrite by march end. Not sure whether I will be able to squeeze in a second rewrite before July considering my thesis submission deadline in June. If not, one rewrite will do.
2) Show it to my friends while on vacation in July. Get the feedback. Then put in the 2nd/3rd rewrite by end of August.
3) Restart outlining ‘River bends’ after finishing the first draft of ‘the three’ in February. Write the full treatment by April end. The confusion is whether I should start writing a first draft of River bends after that or should move on to outlining other concepts that I have. The game plan is to start meeting contacts in the film industry in 2010. Should I have a completed draft and 10 treatments by then or 2 full scripts and 5 treatments? I am thinking about the first option more because there is more chance that one will read a treatment rather than a full script. You need one script to show your writing skills. If you have more number of well etched out concepts from different genres there is more chance that some one will find one of the them interesting. A draft takes lot of your time.
4) Increase the number of my contacts with people with similar interests. However good one’s scripts are, one cannot be a successful movie writer without good social skills. More than 80% of writers in film industry get their 1st work through contacts rather than the quality of their work. So the process of reaching out should continue.
5) Continue this blog. It is also a part of socialising. When I put my goals here I hope I am under more pressure to fulfill them. but one thing I have realised after starting this blog is that blogging can be a deterrent to actual script writing. There should be no confusion regarding priorities. A very popular blog with thousands of followers is not my dream. I would rather become a scriptwriter. Daily posting is an unrealistic and unsustainable goal. Once in two three days will do. Even once in a week is OK for me. I have decided that if this blog proves to be too much of a distraction for my writing there should be no mercy in killing it. Any way right now I think I can handle this.

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4 thoughts on “Script writing: my goals for 2009

  1. Hey, I see you are working on the resolutions already! Bravo!

    Keep it up. Finalizing the last details of what we spoke about. Will get back to you in a day!

    Happy New Yr!

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