The savage is in chains. King passing by in a pall stops and asks, how much does he cost?

He costs five times the other slaves. But king still want to buy him. The old priest tries to change his mind.

Don’t buy him. He will bring sorrow to us.

What sorrow can a slave bring. We have thousands of them.

He will never forgive the humiliation. Let him go.

King doesn’t heed. Savage is bought and put in a locked room in a tower with a wooden bridge in front of the window so that people can stare at him.

The old priest visits him.

When your time comes, don’t destroy the monastery.

Kill the guard tonight and bring me the key.

My faith doesn’t allow me to kill.

My faith does.

The monastery has many sacred books. They must be saved.

I cant read.

Savage throws him  a bone. Wish bone from a white raven. Given to him by his wife.

 He asks the priest to take it to his wife.

And priest starts his journey. Barefooted. Across the steppes and barren lands in search of the mongol tribe. Knowing that his old body doesn’t have the power to survive this journey.

But to save those books… He shuffles on with an umbrella and a shoulder bundle… 

This is not a movie. Its poetry.



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