One day of a scriptwriter’s life


8.00 am: I realise that today is holiday. Ahem..means there is no excuse not to write. But still I have to have breakfast na?
8.30 am: I decided to read the newspaper first. Isn’t news the food of a writer?
9.30 am: Still haven’t finished reading the damn paper. Going through obituaries. No stone unturned. Don’t know why today news paper feels engaging like a Higgins novel.
10.10 am: Finally finished reading newspapers. O boy, is the world expanding? Now the question is whether to write a little bit or bath first.
Put on the music. Helps to get a perspective on such philosophical questions.
10.30 am: Finally managed to switch on the lap top.
11.20 am: Still havent finished ‘regularising’ my mail, facebook, orkut profiles. Always better to reply your friends promptly than make them wait. For writing I have the whole day. So no need to worry.
12.10 pm: Lost the internet connection. Now there are no excuses for not writing. By the way, why so much dust on my monitor?
2.00 pm: Finished cleaning my room. It was incidental. First my plan was to clean the laptop only. Then I thought what’s the use? Its on the same old table. So I cleaned the table. Then I thought, how does it protect the monitor? Inevitably room cleaning followed. Now there is no question of not bathing for writing.
3.00 pm: Clean and shaven with a full stomach. But I am never good at writing when I feel sleepy.
3.45 pm: Finally I manage to open the script I am writing. Read what I had written yesterday. Then I remember that I need two lines of poetry to be quoted by my protagonist. It should be in context. Good sense told me to check for it later. Write now. But… what the hell? If this kind of a problem gets into your mind you want a solution first.
6.20 pm: I now know more about Mayokovsky than most. Read poetry by around 40 different poets. Read 3 articles on impetus caused by Elliot’s Wasteland. Excerpts of autobiography of Neruda. A thesis on why poets are coming full circle in terms of structure. Pretty informative, this stuff. Now I am a new man.
Now the question is whether to go out or starting writing. The dilemma of whether to write or to live. Savour life or write about it. The winning argument was that to write you need life experiences. I decided that I will have it both ways. Will come back within one hour and write until late.
12.35 am: Finally back. So tired to write. No use of writing when your mind is like a clogged engine. Plan is to wake up early next morning and write for 3 hrs before work. And also during lunch break and evenings. I should be able to make up for this wasted day within a week. Falls asleep. Not before setting the alarm clock for 4.00 am.
I know. I know. I will switch it off when it rings. And will doze off.

Photo by ASurroca


3 thoughts on “One day of a scriptwriter’s life

  1. “Don’t know why today news paper feels engaging like a Higgins novel.”

    Yeah… happens with me too when my exams are near… feels like a Higgins novel.


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