Alls unwell that ends unwell


He looked at me. The flight is on time.
‘I will call you after reaching there.’
‘Cool,’ I said.
I knew he wouldn’t. He knew I knew he wouldn’t. This would be the last time that we see each other.

‘Put on your coat,’ I said.
He had this habit of hanging it on his shoulders. Even in winters.
He put it on.

When did we start hating each other? Most probably it started after I skipped his wedding. He was angry. And I too was angry that he was angry. Because I thought he knew me. And he knew me too.
‘How long will you be in Delhi?’
He knew the answer.
‘I dont know,’ so I said.
He nodded. He knew I was angry.

Angry that I knew about this at the last moment. Angry because I had to see the astonishment on others’ faces when they realised that I didnt know about his plans. Angry for he still silently punishing me for something that I have said a long time back. Angry that he doesnt realise that it would not have hurt him that much if I talked like that all the time. Like many others did.
Announcement for boarding.
We shook hands.
‘Good luck.’ He smiled.
I watched him walk away. To dissolve in the crowd.
Then I thought- I should have said sorry.

Photo by Fraggle Rockstar


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