Write short film scripts

A thing that has happened in the last 6 months is that I get a lot of requests from people for my writing samples.
Always the problem is what to give. I am not that prolific. Rather I am too perfectionistic.
What I have is the heist script which is about 90% complete now, half of another script in which I got stuck because I didn’t outline before starting to write and a half completed outline of ‘River bends.’

I don’t want to give heist script to any one right now. There are two reasons. One is that there is lot of work to be done on that. It is now around 210 pages long. I have to cut short into the range of something around 140 pages in second draft. Second reason is that I have spent 1 year on it. May be its not good. But I respect my time and effort. So I don’t want to pass it around without a proper guarantee.

So what should one do? I can always sent some shortstories or poems written earlier. But I think the best idea for beginning scriptwriters is to punch out some short film scripts. It shouldnot take more than 1 week to write something clocking around 10-15 minutes and so you will be having something for your portfolio. So that’s the plan after finishing my 1st draft. Write some short scripts.

Photo by Dayzee_M


5 thoughts on “Write short film scripts

  1. Iam a freelance journalist for various papers in andhra pradesh.
    presently iam working on a doccumentry on indian dance forms
    i have written nearly 60 short stories
    iam interested in writing various short stories

  2. My name is shashidhar, and i am an aspiring short film maker, i have a keen interest in making short films on india and need help from freelance scriptwriters. I want to shoot on indian scripts.
    Any ideas?
    I’m sorry but i can’t pay any remuneration, but will surely credit the writer for his/her work

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