Rachel getting married


An addict returns home after years of rehabilitation for attending the marriage of her sister. How long can the guilt, the bitterness, the agony and the anger remain under the surface?
The good thing is that it never boils down to the typical hollywood fanfare. The hiking of stakes, every dramatic situation more high wire than the preceding one, building up into a big orgasmic climax- you know that kind of stuff. The movie cleverly sidesteps from that. But still the family face offs were a little out of the writer’s control. Dialogues of individual characters appeared a little too self conscious during each argument.
But the most issue I had was with the documentary style of direction. The shaking handy cam was great for Jason Bourne but not for this movie. I don’t know why its so. It didn’t feel awkward in ‘monsoon wedding’ too. A reason may be that for a emotional drama like this, with each camera twitch you jerk out of the story, having lost your involvement.
Still I should say that the writer had made some brave choices while writing this.


5 thoughts on “Rachel getting married

  1. I wanted to give this a rent this past weekend, but it was sold out. Thanks for sheding more light on this film for me, hopefully I’ll nab it this Saturday for a viewing. Great post!

  2. Hi,

    I watched Rachel Getting Married last week and I’m agree with the “too self conscious argumentation”. I’m not a movie critics, nor a screen writer but I do enjoy movies a lot. and would love to have someone to share my point of view and correct me if my view is too shallow.

    Well, back to Rachel getting married, the whole movie is quite nice, I mean I think Hathaway did a good job there, but isn’t it all too predictable? Or all drama should be predictable?

    1. Lolo Sianipar,
      I agree its predictable to a certain extend. But it would have been more predictable if there was a public standoff during the marriage ceremony in the end or if she hits the drugs. And no one wants predictable drama. But everyone wants drama to follow some set rules. Like you should follow a linear story, create a character with whom you can empathise, an ending that makes sense etc. Many great movies challenge these rules. But I am talking about satisfying the mass not the class.

      Glad that you liked it.

  3. I hated the jerky handy cam in the movie too…plus I didn’t like the palette that was chosen for the cinematography as well…it was too gloomy…the reason why Monsoon wedding works is because of its humor and you don’t really anticipate the dark side of the family to play spoilsport in the way that it happens eventually…

    But in Rachel Getting Married, too much attention is paid to the technique and not enough on the performances and human relationships….

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