Scriptwriting tools

How much role does the different softwares and supportware has in writing? When I started scriptwriting, all the fine details of writing held a lot of interest. Should you use some software? Should one outline a story in software? How many rewrites does usually writers do? Should you outline with pencil and paper? Use scene index cards? That kind of stuff held a lot of interest.

But when you write for some time you gradually realise that the most important thing is that you write. It may sound easy. But to keep on writing everyday in between your job or studies, thats the only challenge an aspiring writer really has. Rest of it is just what suits your thought process and cognitive style.

But still there is no harm in experimenting. Everyone has to pass through that phase. So what do I use? For story development and outlining I simply use microsoft one note. The options of easily rearranging different elements and the ease in opening,cut pasting and automatic saving really suits me. One of my friends has suggested a software called powerstructure. It looked good to me. But its not free and I dont recommend paying money for it. For formatting earlier I used Scriptgenie which is very simple, free and comfortable to use. Later I came across Celtx. Its free and has good number of features (which may or may not be useful) and is userfriendly. I have stuck with it. I dont recommend spending money on scriptwriting tools. None of them is worth it unless you are really successful in writing and can afford to throw money just for the heck of it. But if you are already successful with your own style of writing, why would you need this tools now?


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