Revelations- Biography of a sacred cow

This maiden venture by reaction shots really intrigued me.

What hits me about this short is the power of the ideas that propels it. At the surface it is about a futuristic dystopia where every aspect of human life revolves around ‘scientific relegion.’ But when you scratch the surface you realise that its not about future or scientific relegion but is about ‘now.’ The revulsion inducing rituals, preposterous ideologies, meaningless chantings…everything is a subterfuge to a greater end.

The clever writing demonstrates that you can criticise anything without raising a hullabaloo. If you criticise lack of originality and imagination and then hide it in shrewd fancy dress, no one without imagination can be really sure what its really all about.

To study the steam engines of human instituitions, it doesnt matter whether you reconstruct the outer metal casing. Whats relevant is the intricate inner machinery. The aim is to recreate the dynamics of the human instituitionalised relegious thinking.

Inherent tendency of all short films is to put technique above the depth of content. Rare is the single mindedness regarding what one is trying to achieve. And here the achievement is in conveying what one has to convey.


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