First draft over…finally!


Finally the first draft of my heist script has been completed. I know that the draft sucks but nothing can take away the exhilaration of typing ‘FADE OUT.’ It does a lot to your self confidence if you are able to stick to it till the end. Because a lot of uncertainties come up especially in the second act. It’s the make and break point of writing a script. If you are able to survive that, third act wont be much of a problem.

Completing a draft of a script does not prove anything. There are a lot of people out there who do that. But sustaining this passion for one long year while punching it out at the rate of one hour per day on average- I feel that at least I have proved to myself how serious I am regarding this ambition of being a scriptwriter.

There are certain things that I have learned from this experience.
1-What have I learned first and foremost is the importance of outlining in the completion of a script. But at the same time one needs to be aware how much outlining amount to how much script, page wise. Other wise a lot of your effort will disappear in rewriting.

2-Writing everyday is also important so that your script doesnot become foreign to you. Sometimes the inertia may be too much to come back to it.

3-Another thing is that never plan the dialogue in your scenes too much before hand. It would take away the spontaneity of your scene. You will always be trying to cram up the scene with dialogues which may be good but doesn’t go well together.

4-Make sure that your subplots really matter to your main plot. Having so many threads in your hand will end up as deleting them in second draft.
Its just wasting time with the first draft.

5-And let me tell you the most important thing. The best way to learn scriptwriting? Write scripts.

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12 thoughts on “First draft over…finally!

      1. Around atleast 150 pages to be cut. Its embarrassing. I completely went overboard with the outlining. Too many circumstantial details into the different heists and everything. I will have to remove some characters and subplots also.

      2. Well, it will have to be a prequel. Because my protagonist had to give up stealing at the end of the story. May be I will give him some head injury and make him amnesiac for the sequel.:)

  1. Congrats SL, its only now i realised that your blog is Script larva, so far i was reading it as Scriptvala, i don’t know why, perhaps due to some optical illusion or it could be because of a defect in vision, i don’t know. But any ways, i liked your suggestions to Pankaj Advani’s script, especially the first one !That one proves that you have an eye for detailing so critical for beinga scriptwriter. I am taking inspiration from your effort and will begin writing my own script that perhaps i always wanted to do. I am begenning with a blank sheet of paper and a blank mind. No story, no plot and no idea. Lets see how far i go after three months. Till then, happy blogging.

    1. Thanks for the good words Manish. Its really nice to know that I have inspired you in some way. And dont worry about the blank page. Rather enjoy it because it is the most thrilling period of writing. This is because the possibilities are infinite.

  2. “5-And let me tell you the most important thing. The best way to learn scriptwriting? Write scripts.”

    As they say, theory without practical is useless, and vice-versa. 🙂

    1. But if I have to choose one, it would be practice. You can survive without theory. It may take 20 scripts without theory while with it you will take only 5. But without practice its impossible.

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