Project ‘Game’ is on!

As I wrote a few days back, I was asked to write a treatment for a friend in Mumbai. It had to be based on a thread he had given me. He is planning to make a low budget 90 minutes movie. He had some theatre actors and technician friends with him. So the only cost will be that of the equipments. His plan is to go onto the festival circuit and then try to get some distributors based on the reception and the reactions.

But he was stalled because he could not decide on a final story. I had sent him three different treatments for the same thread 2 days back. The thread is about 6 strangers who go through some strange stuff together. Well, he has liked one of the treatments and wants to go on with it. It is going to be a thriller. He is going to discuss all the three versions with financing friends this week. After that we will start writing the script together most probably within 1 month. So if this actually gets made, this is going to be my first produced script. But there is a long way to go before things really materialise. Lets see what happens.

Photo by josh-n

6 thoughts on “Project ‘Game’ is on!

    1. A treatment is a short prose retelling of the whole story of the script. It would contain all the important events in the story without much emphasis on dialogue.

  1. That’s absolutely great. Hope it materializes the way you have thought of it. Or maybe even better than that.


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