90 minute thriller movie sailing on

The project I had mentioned earlier here is moving on slowly. After my initial treatment for the plot, there were lot of discusssions regarding the possibilities. My friend (who is supposed to direct the movie) has gone to the outhouse which is supposed to be the location of the film.
He sent me some pics of the place. Its then that I realised that many changes will have to be made to suit the location. For example lot of scenes have been planned to occur inside the outhouse- some major plot elements. But when I saw the pics, I realised that the outhouse is too small for this. But the same time there are lot of outdoor locations and elements that can be used which I had not figured earlier. For example a dam, a small pond, a small pump house, a forest etc. So now I will have to make some changes in the outline according to that. Some other suggestions also came up. Like use of voice over, to start the movie with a dream sequence etc which really helped me to increase the depth of the script. Hopefully I have been able to incorporate them in a meaningful way.
Now another issue is that an actor has shown some interest in the project. He may really play a role in securing good finances for the movie. So now the plan is to change the female protagonist to a male protagonist and make his role meatier. Now I am getting a hang of how really writers in film industry work. Logistics play a major role in determining your final draft.
Photo by Single Malt


One thought on “90 minute thriller movie sailing on

  1. Hey man, so things are moving forward. That’s cool and good luck. I can understand that how things change during the pre-production. But as long as you dont compromise with the inner soul of your script, which I assume you wont, flexibility in terms of locations etc is a given thing in the real world of filmmaking. I wish this project moves forward soon. Keep us updated.
    Btw, what’s the story about?

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