Back in Delhi

Its great to be back in Delhi. But I am still still trying to figure out why. My friend (who currently is preparing his paper work for Australia) used to say-‘I dont understand why people try to stick to Delhi like flies on a table.’
The question is valid. I have seen better weather. The dust around you start to disturb you like a metaphor. Crimes, pollution…And you spend most of your life waiting in your car in the traffic jam.
Despite all this, there is sense of respect that Delhi invokes in you. It doesnot have anything to do with being the capital of India. And its not only history what makes Delhi what it is. Delhi stands before me like an ancient king, silent but majestic.


3 thoughts on “Back in Delhi

  1. It’s got to do with a sense of comfort, I guess. Just like the taste of mother’s food after an year of eating outside. Even though your mother cooks badly, you still like it.

  2. All old and historical cities have soul; perhaps that’s why they never leave you even when you go far from them. Delhi has that soul, Calcutta will have that soul..New York has it..Montreal has it..London has it too. But Toronto wont have it or Noida/Gurgaon wont have it either.
    I lived in Delhi/Noida for almost three and half years, and those memories are still fresh with me.

  3. Delhi has forts, palaces, tombs, bazaars, malls, gardens,colonial buildings and people who look and sound aggressive but are full of life.
    In the words of a famous Dilliwallah-
    “Kaun jae Zauq par Dilli ki galiyan chhor kar”

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