Juggling the juggles


Exams are coming up in December. It’s a wonder that I still am posting here. In the writing department, not much structured writing is getting done. But still a lot of outlining is going on in bits and pieces. Outlining is easier in times like this because you can fit in small small fragments between the hectic schedule- you don’t have to actually sit down and write.

Regarding the heist script, I am a little confused regarding some changes that I am thinking of. I wanted to experiment with the identity of my female protagonist. I have doubts regarding the credibility of her being what she is right now. But the problem with changing the female protagonist is that I will have to rewrite a lot of scenes. It’s not the effort involved in rewriting them that is bothering me. But I will have to cut out many favorite scenes of mine from the first draft. Lets see whether I can come up with some ‘killer’ solution which will justify losing all those scenes.

Also I want to fit in the outlining of my next feature length script in between. It has been in the burner for the last 2-3 years. I have outlined the major part of the story which is about a couple and how success comes in between them. This drama has been something close to my heart for sometime. It is also the genre that I like most.

I want to experiment with different genres before I settle down on one particular type. In writing it need not be that the genre you like to read is what you do best while writing. Look at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He wanted to do serious stuff but people liked Sherlock Holmes better.

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2 thoughts on “Juggling the juggles

  1. Oh, I didnt know you were a student. I thought you were working somewhere. So, what do you study?

    “But I will have to cut out many favorite scenes of mine from the first draft”

    Actually I read about this and they say that in the larger interest of your plot, one should only keep those scenes which are necessary rather than the ones which are closer to your heart.

    Anyways, good luck with your stuff. I was wondering if you would like to chat someday on voice..we can share notes on various things. Let me know.

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