Rethinking strategies for 2010

It’s end of 2009. It makes sense in going through my targets for year 2009 which I posted here one year back. Also it would be interesting to retrospect regarding what I did wrong all these years in terms of my scriptwriting aspirations. Where do I stand? What all things did I crack? What all things cracked me?
First of all regarding my targets. One major target was a draft and redraft of heist script. I did the draft but couldn’t do the redraft. The reason is that I spend too much words on the first draft. I need a lot of time to do a redraft. And also something that did not figure in all the plans was the thriller script I co wrote with my friend which hopefully is getting produced next year. So sometimes you have to break your own rules for some random opportunities.
Another target for this year was developing some other treatments and another screenplay. I did do some work on a treatment but not much. The second screenplay didn’t take off mainly because of the thriller script and its treatment. Also one major hindrance for me this year was the fact that I had to give exams in December because of which second half of the year was very hectic.
Now what did I learn in terms of writing this year? It is that one should not spend too much time writing spec scripts. Rather we should concentrate more on treatments and synopsis. The situation in Indian film industry is a little different from that of Hollywood where the quality of the spec script is the bench mark by which you are judged as a writer. BUT HERE NO ONE READS THE FULL SCRIPT. None who matters. Continue reading


I am back

Photo by Kim Mendero

Finally exams are over. And guess what? I passed. It was the most stressful exams of my all career. I am glad that now I can give more time to my writing.

Things are going well for the thriller script. If things go well, shooting will start in next march.

I will posting an evaluation of my goals for 2009 and what happened to them. Also I would be talking about my goals for 2010. Now its time to walk into the field. Enough of all the guerilla wars.