The clock is ticking


I am gradually settling into the job. There is more free time now. Main advantage is that I don’t have to study any more. Except writing some academic papers, its just about finishing the work and coming back. Naturally I ought to write more. That is what I thought.
But I am gradually realising that it is not that simple as it sounds. When I had to study, I had a fixed structure. I had more motivation to stick to that structure too. I used to get up early in the morning, do some academic work and then write for an hour. It was easy to continue with that flow in the evening too. Now the problem is getting up in the morning itself. It’s tough to make myself sit in front of the computer. The challenge is to shake off this complacency and fire all cylinders. So I have to work out stricter deadlines for the different projects I am doing. I have started doing some heavy duty networking too. Requests have come up for some outlines. So that will also help to push the button. Some where… a clock is ticking.

Photo by Real Rider


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