Love, sex aur Dhoka

Sometimes good ideas get undermined by better ones. More than that, you try to achieve more than one thing in the same movie and you end up with a compromise somewhere else which you don’t even notice any more.

If Love, sex aur Dhoka is the movie I am talking about, the good idea is to make a movie about the reality tv culture. The better one is to make the whole movie through amateur camera eyes. The compromise is in doing it through three very ordinary stories which doesn’t hold any kind of novelty if done in a conservative mode of film making. Some how writers don’t notice that aspect any more because for them these are not just stories any more but carriers of various messages and potshots they have stitched in. But for the audience story comes first and then the philosophies. If a story gets preachy, it is a failure in terms of writing because a message should be conveyed implicitly through the story, not through the dialogue of the characters.

But I don’t want to be unfair to this movie. It’s a courageous, first of it’s kind attempt at least in the mainstream. Good performance has been extracted from most of it’s cast. Though there are lot of scenes where you wonder why the camera is on right now, writers have put in a good effort to weave the different stories together, especially the second and third. And it is a relief that this movie recovered it’s costs. We have already started personally experiencing the change in attitude in wannabe producers post LSD towards original low budget concepts. Don’t know how long it will last.


4 thoughts on “Love, sex aur Dhoka

  1. I agree with the ‘compromise’ point, but then it had to add realism so they thought this could be sold better since it has sex. And fits the movie title well

      1. I am aware of it. The movie ur talking bout is pretty old one by Steven Soderbergh & has nothing to do here wrt the plot or the story.

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