The score

There is good news regarding the thriller script. As it is still not official let me sit on it right now. My cowriter, also the gonna be director of the gonna be film, brought the news only yesterday. This is the nearest point we have reached into the goal of making this movie in the last 9 months.

Things have been pretty busy last fortnight. Some dead lines came and we had to finish the second draft of the thriller script (now with a new title) as the producers were waiting for it. Also some how at the same time, one of my colleagues went on leave and I ended up doing his work also (besides mine) through out the week. Some times I was coming back from work place at 12 pm at night. In addition, one of my seniors entrusted me to write a paper which he had to present in a symposium in Beijing. The important thing was that the assignment occurred at short notice and I had only around a week to collect all the required data and articles and punch it out. So with all these playing out blog writing had to take a back seat for two weeks. Only yesterday I was free enough to catch my breath. There is still some minor editing work left with the script, but now I think we will be avoiding any radical changes in the plot line. Lets see what happens.

Photo by Vito Santoro


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