The demon on the tree of knowledge

I have decided to tame the internet demon. The beast had this coming.

I am going through a severe crunch in terms of time. There are so many things in my platter that the writing is the one which always becomes the casuality. The reason is that most of the other tasks have a deadline attached to it, while regarding scriptwriting, it’s more about self imposed deadlines.
So I did a bit of review regarding where all I am bleeding time. Guess which was the biggest, modifiable culprit I found? Internet. The biggest danger with it is that sometimes its very easy to fool yourself with your reasons-‘This is a kind of research,’ ‘This is modern man’s substitute for life experience,’ ‘I am collecting writing material,’ ‘All these forum posts and chats are going to help me to network,’ etc. Yeah all these above mentioned reasons may have a ring of truth to it. But the most important thing a writer need to do to progress is to write. Just preparing to write is not a substitute for writing.

Photo by wild.doug


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