Don’t worry: No spoilers here

Well, the obvious thing first. Nolan has pulled it off again. He is yet to make a wrong move. Some thought he made one when he took up the Batman franchise. He never looked back. Not even with this one. His strength is his plotting. His trade mark is stamped at the outlining stage itself I guess. Also his ability to build atmosphere. Do you remember the beginning of Batman begins where we open with a haunting score into a blur of grass and the running (boy) Bruce? He is able to maintain the mood that scene evokes through out the whole movie.

Well, with Inception also, his greatest strength is that he is able to maintain that dark atmosphere. It does not just come with writing a good grim script. Plotting, well of course, I should say is top notch. The multiple layers in the second half with the clever weaving of Cobb’s wife’s story to the main plot are typically ‘Nolanian.’ Only problem is that the story frame often sputters and whimpers due of the weight put on it by need to come up with consistent surprises and high concept drama. Another thing I felt is that Nolan has some problems while shooting typical action sequences. I some how feel that they appear disjointed and distant. It doesn’t really engage you. For example the sequence in the snow mountains as such appeared quite boring to me (though during that, the entire array of switches between the multiple layers was interesting). You don’t feel every punch or every gun shot. This problem was there in ‘The Dark Knight’ also but then I thought it was intentional. The one in the hotel corridor in Inception is well done. Don’t know whether its just because of the visual effects.

Any way you have to give it to Nolan. Every time he manages to come up with a head turner and we believe that this is so brilliant it is going to be a high water mark for him. But then he returns to set another mark. Now what is he going to do from where he left off with the dark knight? A pleasant waiting game begins…


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