Things have been a wild ride these last 2-3 weeks. Some really great personal moments occurred. But that’s not the reason for neglecting this blog. I was just trying to impart some discipline into my writing life.

I realised that I cant afford to spend time roaming around the net because I am juggling so many balls in my spare time. Surfing the net was becoming a really effective tool for procrastination. I needed some rules. So I decided that I wont open the internet unless I finish 2 hours of script writing and 1 hour of academic work on a given day. Also blogging was not included in the 2 hours of writing. If things don’t work out, I had allowed myself to just check the emails before going to sleep. It was really tough in the beginning. I experienced something like a withdrawal syndrome. Gradually that desperation to compulsively check your emails and updates on the various social sites gradually decreased and disappeared. It is not that in the last 2-3 weeks I was never able to finish the 3 hour quota and access net. But when finally forcing the gate open every 1-2 days, I would have a lot to check out and update that I would not be in the mood to write a blog. So basically blogging suffered the most in the whole scheme.

But writing really gained. With the rule, I lost the inhibitions to begin the writing on a given day and so often I would find myself continue writing even after the 2 hour quota is over. I really started executing the dictum of ‘write every day’ because with the current rules, the first thing I am supposed to do if I have free time is to write, not to check the net.

Photo by Mycael


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