Yotsuba in a 'Tangle'

I have no excuses to make. I don’t want to say I’m busy that’s why I am not blogging. Every one is busy. Every one has personal issues to take care of. Every one has left over work brought back home. I knew all this road blocks would happen when I started this blog. And I wouldn’t have started this blog if I didn’t feel I could overcome them to keep up with my (self imposed) creative commitments.

So again, no excuses. The disturbing part is that for the last 2 weeks, writing has also hit rock bottom except for some outlining for a short film which I did over phone with the cowriter of the thriller script. Well, now that I have started blogging again, you know I am back in business.

My most pressing work is something related to that short film script I have to do. Hopefully I would do it today thanks to the holiday. After that I have to complete the outlining of my drama-‘River bends.’ By the time I start writing it, I also want to start fixing the structure for the second draft of my heist script.

Photo by Redrickshaw


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