To tweet or not to tweet?

The question is: to tweet or not to tweet?

Well I resisted the temptation until now. The main reason was that I didn’t want to leave a trail of half finished/ abandoned ventures behind me. I am having enough trouble updating this blog. And that too while trying to maintain a steady trickle of writing. I was sure that twitter would lead to another chain reaction of surfing, reading tweets, finding friends etc which would put another dent in my time. Strongest thing in favour of twitter was that it is much more easier to do. How much trouble is it to do 140 letters? And obviously the networking opportunities that it offer. If I had to utilise those opportunities I had to jump into the bandwagon before its too late. I am quite sure that the tweeting frenzy will also dip down one day just like blogging revolution did. Only thing is that tweeting is more easy than blogging so I guess it will last a little longer. So if I had to take the plunge, I had to do it now.

With a final push from a writer friend, I finally started my account on twitter three days back. I have given permission to myself to abandon it if  feel bored with the ‘140 word sweet nothings.’ And not to take it too seriously or invest too much time on it. My twitter account is this.

Photo by luc legay


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