Rolling the dice again

Yeah, I know. I should update more frequently about my writing projects. But I don’t want this blog to turn into a bulletin board for false starts. Some one from (or trying to break into) film industry knows something more than every one else. Every film is a miracle in that it happened. It finally got made. Critics and bloggers and audience can debate for years about its merits and demerits. But making (and release) of any film is an unique story in itself depending a lot on chance, the individuals involved and ofcourse sheer determination. So even the most tacky stupid film that we see had a seed idea (could be a creative idea or just some economic calculations) which was powerful enough to convince the crew to go through the pain of making it.

So where were I? Yeah. The volatile nature of the projects I work on makes it exhausting to really keep up with the twists and turns of what happens to them eventually. So it is almost impossible to really blog about it in a comprehensive way.

Still- currently I am working on a few projects. Just finished treatment for a remake of a regional film with a co-writer. It is supposed to be a noir kind of film with some existential themes thrown in. Now it it waiting time as director secures the finances and the stars. Currently trying to zero in on an outline for a comedy film with a friend in Canada. This project has a third co-writer from Canada in addition to two of us. Hopefully we will put it down on paper in 2-3 months. Another thing in the horizon is a low budget love story- again another co-writing gig. Will start writing the script in around March 2011. I have been trying to complete the outlining for a drama for sometime now. Also need to rewrite my heist script. When projects involving others come into picture, they always get pushed into the background. Lets see how the dice falls.

Photo by norton8


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