Phas Gaya Re Obama

Small time crooks hit by economic recession…what would they do? No bullets in their guns, no petrol in their jeeps, kidnap victims bargaining aggressively to cut down blood money… It is in this universe the movie unfolds. The problem and strength of such of a premise is that you can go any where in terms of comicality. And sometimes it does go beyond the better-not-go-there line. The toughest thing about writing comedy is deciding to what extent you want to go to make people laugh. But overall the movie keeps away from the ‘bra jokes.’ Plot does get repetitive and predictable after some time. The saving grace? Well written dialogues delivered well.

And finally- after reading so many reviews on this movie, I have this feeling that there is some kind of reservation going on for low budget movies in terms of grace marks. We have this tendency nowadays to judge positively a movie made on low budget. Yeah I agree- this movie is better than most movies in the last month- but are we going too much in direction of superlatives when dealing with small movies? The scorn against tent pole movies and corporate giants should not end up in our giving extra credit where it is not really due.


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