Do film reviews affect box office performance?

Following are the box office collections of two recent movies.

Tees Mar khan

Got poor reviews from majority of reviewers. Average of 7 reviews as per Bollywoodreviewz is 2.14/5

The collections following release is as follows : Friday – Rs 12.75 cr; Saturday – Rs 12.75 cr; Sunday – Rs 12 cr

Tees Maar Khan collected about 38 crore (US$ 8.4 million) nett at the end of its first weekend, thus becoming the third largest first weekend collection for Hindi movies. The first weekend collections of Dabangg was Rs.48.5 crore and 3 Idiots was Rs.40 crore. (Source)

First week collection for TMK is 50 crores while that for second week is 10 crores.

No one killed Jessica

Got good reviews from most. Average of stars awarded by 8 reviews again by Bollywoodreviewz is 3.5/5 Continue reading


Strategies for 2011

While looking back and taking stock, I realised something. 2010 may be my worst year in terms of productivity. And the best in terms of networking.

What is the essence of my writing experiences in the last one year? Biggest enemy of truth is broad generalisations. Still the gist of what I learnt from last year is as follows.

-In the initial part of your writing career, you should concentrate more on writing than on networking. Because even if you make some breakthroughs in terms of networking, if you cant back it up with adequate numberof alternate ideas or well developed treatments to your outlines, you may kill your contact. Once you burn a contact because you were not adequately prepared, even if you go back to that person with a better idea, things may not work out because first impression is the best impression. So don’t rush to present your ideas to valuable contacts. First take your time and develop it well. As some one said, the advantage a first time writer has is that of time available to develop the script to the next level. In the mean time, you should network. But it should be more about relationship building than about pitching.

So in light of certain experiences, I have decided that in the first 6 months of 2011, I would not be actively trying to pitch my ideas. Continue reading


May be I am giving too much credit to the writer… May be this scene wouldn’t have worked well if it wasn’t for the dialogue delivery of Alpacino and Robert Deniro. But still what a brilliant piece of writing! Watching Heat after so much time my respect for it has only grown. So many poetic pieces of dialogue, a multitude of well etched characters and subplots, such a golden face off between lead characters without going hollow with superficial warmongering…

The challenge in this scene is to set up the meeting of two titans. They are arch rivals. They are going to fight it out till the last breath. Still they sit there, talking like two people who really admire each other. Only place where I felt the writer went overboard is where they talk about their dreams.