Do film reviews affect box office performance?

Following are the box office collections of two recent movies.

Tees Mar khan

Got poor reviews from majority of reviewers. Average of 7 reviews as per Bollywoodreviewz is 2.14/5

The collections following release is as follows : Friday – Rs 12.75 cr; Saturday – Rs 12.75 cr; Sunday – Rs 12 cr

Tees Maar Khan collected about 38 crore (US$ 8.4 million) nett at the end of its first weekend, thus becoming the third largest first weekend collection for Hindi movies. The first weekend collections of Dabangg was Rs.48.5 crore and 3 Idiots was Rs.40 crore. (Source)

First week collection for TMK is 50 crores while that for second week is 10 crores.

No one killed Jessica

Got good reviews from most. Average of stars awarded by 8 reviews again by Bollywoodreviewz is 3.5/5

The collections following release is as follows: Friday – Rs 3.15 cr; Saturday – Rs 4.50 cr; Sunday – Rs 4.75 cr

It collected approx. Rs. 20.70 cr nett in its first week and approx Rs 6.75 cr nett in Week 2. Total so far: approx. Rs 26.5 cr nett. (Source1 , Source 2)

Interesting thing is that TMK had a box office record in its first weekend despite uniformly poor reviews. It went downhill from there but that cannot be attributed to reviews as most reviews were out by Thursday and Friday of release and if it really had shown an effect, it should have shown it in the first weekend itself. One cannot assume that whoever decided not to watch it based on reviews were actually planning to watch it on weekdays.

Even with better reviews, NOKJ couldn’t come up with the kind of initial that TMK could generate. Yeah, there are lot many other factors involved- the buzz for TMK generated by good marketing and Sheila Ki Jawani, the star power of actors and film makers, subject with much more commercial appeal etc. But in nutshell- reviews cannot override all these factors. So if some one says that his film’s box office performance was ruined by malicious reviewers, it is much more probable that the movie was actually bad which lead to bad reviews and unfavourable word of mouth too.

(Sidenote: Interestingly, TMK which is supposed to be a flop or average performance have a two week gross of 60 crores with 50 cr in first and 10 cr in second week. NOKJ which is a hit has a gross of around 27 crores with 20 cr in first and 7 cr in second. Yeah, agreed when one takes into account the budgets and massive print release, such grosses doesn’t make sense. But when you consider in terms of sheer human number, roughly 2 times more people saw TMK despite bad reviews and poor word of mouth.)


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