Dabbling with multiple scripts, the same day

I have been working on 4-5 projects simultaneously in the last 1-2 weeks. Two co-writing gigs- one is at the stage of outlining and the other we have just started the first draft. I am redoing the outline of the heist script for which I had put down the 1st draft one year back. Also outlining a drama project whose one line a star from regional cinema had shown some interest a couple of months back. Also trying to put down the 1st draft of yet another treatment which I finished recently- even though I am not into writing full drafts right now. The idea is just to keep myself exposed to all stages, all genres and all aspects of scriptwriting all the time.
So does working on so many projects simultaneously really work? The truth is that five is actually too much. It is just that the timeline of the cowriting scripts overlapped with some ongoing (delayed) projects of mine due to different reasons. The real issue with working on five projects is that in a given week, I wouldn’t be working on more than 3 projects (because maximum I write is 3 hours per day) so that I pretty much lose track on the other two and have to come back to them with a certain effort.
But still I think that I work better if I am on to at least two projects rather than one at the same time. It gives a fresh perspective on a daily basis. Also you can switch back and forth if you get stuck. There are writers who say that it all came in one flow-‘I sat down and it all came out like a torrent. By next day evening when I came out of my room I had finished the script.’ When something like that happens to me, when I read it the next day, it turns out to be absolute trash. It is more like I got carried away and there was nothing to break my fall. So when I work on at least two, I am forced to re-examine what I came up with the last day from a different angle and different state of mind. But probably more than three is counter productive.

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