Strategies for 2011- second update

First of all, I had to do a modification after the first month of 2011. Initially I was supposed to write 3 hours per day. But I realised that my academic work is not included in this target and I had difficulty in often completing them. The reason is that I started to push them to later in a bid to complete the 3 hr target of script writing. So now I have decreased the 3 hr writing target to 2.5 hours and also added one hour academic work along with that. So currently the objective is to complete total of at least 3.5 hours of work before accessing net.

No of days in last 45 days where I completed at least 2.5 hours of scriptwriting- 25

No of days in last 45 days where I didn’t do any scriptwriting at all- 9 days

No of days where I wrote for more than 2.5 hours- 2 days

What have I accomplished in terms of writing in 2011?

Have completed outlining a indie co-writing project and we are midway into the first draft. Another comedy co-writing project, we are rich with some interesting detailed outlines. Also did a redraft of a short film script. Did outline for the second draft of the heist script. Have almost revamped the whole thread of the story. Did an outline for a comedy (hopefully it will come out as a comedy). Started writing the first draft of the drama script for which I had done a treatment earlier.

What was my original plan?

To flesh out a treatment every 2 months. Instead of that, I have done around 3 detailed outlines (including that for second draft of heist script). The issue has been that I have my finger on too many pies. And the situation is that I cant disengage from most of them due to different reasons. If I get another 2 weeks or so, I can write down a treatment for the comedy script. Same with other outlines. Probably I am lagging behind by around 1 month in terms of what I really wanted to achieve. Let’s see if I can close the gap.

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