Pause, Reshuffle and Restart

Need to get back into ‘really early’ morning waking up mode from the current ‘early enough to switch on the computer, but late enough to work’ morning wake up mode.  I am doing fine with my target of at least 2.5 hours of writing per day. But I am doing more outlining (mostly when I travel) and less actual writing. I admit that outlining and putting down treatments are the ‘weight lifting’ part of writing but even while outlining, if you actually write it down, it brings more clarity.  With my current living realities, if I really want to sit and type for at least one hour per day, I will have to wake up really early as I used to before.

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Wild strawberries

Road movies doesn’t  always have to be about getting stoned, hitchhiking girls and goofiness. It can be also about something profound. It can be also about lost opportunities, the inevitable biological death, bittersweet memories, remorse and loneliness. The effect of Freud and psychodynamic theories are well evident in this 1957 movie (Bergman has this tendency to get carried away with the dream sequences). The story is about an aging professor known for his humility and empathy who looks back at his life to face the deep hidden coldness with which he has faced everything in life. It is tough to make melancholic movies which some one would really want to go back to again.  I guess Bergman is an expert in pulling it off. The acting by the lead actor is one of the greatest performances that I have ever seen. After watching ‘Seventh Seal,’ this movie was long in my wish list. Now I guess it is in my ‘re-watch’ list.

10 books that I cant have enough

It was poet Balachandran Chullikkad who once said that ‘great art is that forces you to go back to it again and again.’ With my personal experience I can’t completely agree with it. I can watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean (1st part) n number of times but I cant force myself through ‘Barry Lyndon’ again. But it doesn’t mean that the former is greater than the latter.  I have once blogged about movies that I watch repeatedly. Here I will talk about those books which I have find myself reading again and again- often randomly, in bits and pieces, just to get the feel of it.


This French satire by Voltaire makes fun of everything under the sun- religion, theologians, governments, armies, philosophies, and philosophers, blind optimism. He also pokes fun at the popular adventure and romance cliches. Obviously what makes this book endearing to me is its humor and wit- that too humor and wit with a purpose.

9-The catcher in the rye

Personally I don’t think it is a great book. But its strong point is its characters. The protagonist has an unique voice- something hundreds of writers and readers have tried to mimic since reading this book.

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