Source Code

The same loop of 8 minutes inside a train. The same people. The same conversations. The same events. And the same ending- a bomb annihilating the train. How do you make a commercially viable movie out of it?

I had read the original spec script of Source Code some time back. But the movie still did not disappoint. There were some changes especially in the second half. And certain things have been much more clearly spelled out in the movie for the audience sake. What really works for the movie is the fact is that it doesn’t neglect the personal drama for the sci-fi aspect of it.

(Spoilers ahead) But still…in the end, I think that the writer had to bend over back for explaining the commercially acceptable ending.  The physics of it doesn’t really gel even in a distantly rational way. There is a scene in the end where the protagonist goes back into the time loop inside the train for one last time, and when he kisses the girl and all the passengers are smiling, the moment freezes in time. A last precious moment encapsulated in time. And that’s where the movie should have ended.


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