Samsung galaxy tablet 750 (10.1) vs Ipad2: notes of a tech-illiterate workaholic

First of all, for a geek, there are thousands of articles out there which delve on the technical comparisons. Here I would stress more on the issues which were important for me while I tried to choose between these two. In the last two months I have been going through a lot of articles, discussion threads, agony statements regarding these two before I bought one and I thought I should share it because the information may be useful to some one out there who has the same profile as me (which is an antithesis of a tech literate multimedia consumer with altogether different priorities). And any comparison between these two is not complete without the profile of the user. So here it goes.

What do I want from a tablet?

Tablets are supposed to be meant for consumption, not productivity. It is typically for some one who is interested in lots of gaming, surfing net on the go, watching movies etc. But for me, when I thought about buying a tablet, it was only about improving my productivity. With my current postings in work, I will have to  travel for at least for 2.5 hours a day. Also at home, I have realised that I can work more pretty much every where else than sitting religiously in front of my desk top. Why can’t I buy a net book which is cheaper and provides option of faster typing than a tablet? The answer is that during travelling or at home, the ease, mobility and convenience that tablet offers is more than that of a net book.

First of all, why Ipad2? Ipad2 obviously is a bench marker for tablets right now. And why Samsung 750? There are some other android tablets available out there like Motorola Xoom, Acer Iconia transformer, Blackberry Playbook etc. But right now, Samsung 750 gives some real competition to Ipad2 in terms of compactness, screen resolution, specific features etc. Also it is the thinnest tablet out there.

For each domain I have tried to give a comparative scoring  which highly reflects my personal needs.

Display Ipad2-7/10, Samsung 750-7/10

Samsung’s display is supposed to be a slightly better. But I don’t think there is a difference to really matter. Especially for the common day to day use that I have in mind. Continue reading