Satyameva Jayate

I watched Aamir Khan’s show with lot of negativity and expected him to make a fool out of himself on tv. But in the end, I was impressed. Of course, the show was a little melodramatic. But again, the target audience is the majority of Indians who have no qualms about their emotionality and not the minority who are so obsessed about maintaining ‘the stiff upper lip.’

But I liked the fact that the show had a purpose and Aamir Khan was so eager about making a genuine impact. After the initial show promotions revolving around the incessant self obsessing  by Khan about his duties and life etc, it was difficult to escape the jokes about his inflated sense of self righteousness and ego and what not. But if we start dissecting and deconstructing every one’s intentions and motivations, I am telling you, nobody would be having anything pleasant to discover. As the behaviourists would say, that kind of an analysis doesn’t  lead anywhere. So let us judge the actions and their effects. It is much more clean and easy. And one has to concede, Aamir Khan is trying to use his power as a star much better than many others.

One issue I had with the show was that the stories are narrated in a very one sided simplistic way. May be because I am in a profession where I realise on a day to day basis that the two sides of the same story can be so strikingly different, but I feel it is unfair to not listen to the opposite parties. Many conflicts presented there may have more than female foeticide in it. Life is so complex and most conflicts cannot be reduced to a single bullet point. You never know unless you check every angle. May be the research team has done that. May be the opposite parties had been contacted but refused to co-operate in anyway. But if that effort has not gone in, it is unfair.


8 thoughts on “Satyameva Jayate

  1. Satyamave Jayate is a good start. Can Aamir Khan do what Anna Hazare couldn’t? Well that remains to be seen. But when you have a public and popular figure like AK discussing issues such as female foeticide one hopes that there will be greater awarness created on a burning issue. I agree “theoretically” to your point that every story has two sides and that it is only fair to give the “other side” a hearing. However female foeticide, dowry killings and violence against women are not “stories” but today’s reality in India. And the evidence is in the sex ratio, the buying and selling of poor women, the killing of girl children in affluent homes. To expect that the “other party” will come on TV and say that “yes, because our society puts a premium on boys, we are getting rid of girls” is not even realistic. I do hope that by focusing on grave issues like this, and with the help of a popular star, our society will actually introspect on them and not treat it as just another “piece of entertainment”. Good luck to Aamir and gang.

    1. Hi Adite,
      I think I should make clear my point about the opposite parties. It has been the bane of reality tv that always someone gets to tell their story while the relevant others don’t get the opportunity to set things straight. There is no question that whatever opposite parties say, foeticide cannot be justified. But here we heard some specific stories on tv. In most cases, court cases are also going on. We swallowed the stories hook, line and sinker. My only concern is, are these stories being really cross checked? Are all these narrated cases of conflicts really due to foeticide? For confirming that, you need to get the story from relevant multiple sources, even if the exact opposite parties may not respond in every case. Otherwise every one involved is inadvertently taking part in irresponsible maligning. We don’t have the right to create social bias against real individuals just because we know these social evils exist and so these individual stories must be true.

  2. I was greatly impressed the way Mr. Aamir Khan conducted the whole proceedings. He spelt out clearly what his intentions are what are not. Well done Mr.Khan! One may call certain part as melodramatic etc. But the general public being very human and what distinguishes a human being from animals are the emotions one is capable of.

    What touched me was the scene where he was seen wiping his tears listening to the harrowing tales of the woman. And also his assertion taht he would write a letter to Rajasthan CM and requesting everyone to support him with their signatures to the letter seeking a fast track court. I was horrified to hear that not even a single doctor’s registration has been cancelled by MCI all these years. I had once threatened a doctor saying that I would write to MCI for indulging in malpractices in the medical bill. What a shame.
    After witnessing the telecast I told my wife there will be many who will decry his intentions and it will come in news the next day. Mr. Palash sen’s notice on the anthem while declaring that he is not doing it for publicity or money is in fact for publicity. He should instead support Mr. Khan for his initiative.


  3. hi,

    wat do you mean listenning to other parties in cases where lady is not given the right to give birth to her child??? is there anything left to listen??? it is an act which does not represent humanity….. let me tell you.. i work in a software company… and one of my colleagues has just concieved…. she herself told me that she wants a girl baby… but all her family members bless her saying ‘let the boy be born’….. i don’t say wanting a boy child is bad… but kill a fetus just becoz its not a boy is a crime… ireespective of the presures the so called ‘opposite parties’ are in are in…. i am a daughter of a mother who also wanted her second child as a girl… and thank god the wish was fulfilled… my mother’s Gynec told her the in her experience of 35 years of practice, my mom was the first woman to have wished for a girl chile the 2nd time also… ….i think its all in the mind set and that needs to be changed…the minute i got married and if i happen hav a son in future, i have decided not to ask for dowry and i also have decided to share the expenses of the marriage with girl’s family when he gets married… As Amir pointed out, the change should come from within… no matter what our older generations did….

  4. hiiiiiii, best of luck amir g ur the best forever. Ur genius, now people are change…… we are all proud of uuuu…………

  5. some people neither do themselves to spread awareness but they are always best at criticizing the others effort if some one thing the show is a stupidy must put forward his effort to bring smile on others face

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