Things have not gone according to plan last month. Needs more discipline with the writing. The reason is- the time is almost up to really go out into the world. Until now, even though I have been networking through social media, it was more about making myself familiar to others. Within a few months, tenure of my current job position will end. Then comes the opportunity that I have been waiting for all these years- to go and meet film makers.  When I do that, I want to be able to offer a variety of stuff if they want to see my work. So need to step up my act. And punch out some treatments and scripts.




How much does Prague really matter to Prague? Would it have really affected the story if it had happened in some other city? Let me tell you this much. If one doesn’t read too much into the logline, the movie works better. Because it takes away the false expectations. Prague is a neatly executed thriller which does not in anyway give away that it is the debut feature of the director. More than a thriller, Prague works better as a touching love story. But has to say, the juxtaposition technique of the ‘good times’ and ‘bad times’ in the love story appeared a little too ‘Eternal Sunshin’-ish.

The dialogue sparkle with energy and spontaneity. Editing really capture the discontinuity and unreliability of the world of the lead character. Background score is not the most subtle or the least manipulative, but it does pack punch. Cinematography has captured all the bizarre tin and timber of Prague in the most abrasive way. The wild energy of many scenes owes much to the timing and improvisation of its actors. Really loved the execution of some scenes where characters jabber in frantic overlap.

(Spoilers ahead)

The twist in the end was not completely there. For one thing, it was not entirely unpredictable. And the whole device and the way the reveal plays out reeked too much of ‘Sixth sense.’ But the film maker did a sensible thing by shifting the ‘epicenter’ of the climax to a following scene where Chandan meets Elena again. Chandan says somewhere towards the end- ‘I will make sure she never leaves me.’ In a way it made poetic justice to show their meeting again. Yes, his insecurity about relationships has made him choose the perfect way of preserving his lover for infinity in this uncertain world- inside his mind…