Are you frustrated with yourself as a writer?

Disappointed with the quality of work you put down on paper? Having self doubts about your own potential as a creative artist? Watch this video.


4 thoughts on “Are you frustrated with yourself as a writer?

  1. It’s funny — I was so proud, too proud actually, that when I saw this video a few months ago after finishing my first novel, I refused to believe that this applied to me. Now, however, after moving forward through rejection and realizing the flaws that had vaguely disappointed me before, I’m able to genuinely improve as a writer. Ira Glass was right. Thanks for sharing the video.

    1. Glad that you found it useful. When we start out, most writers have this cognitive bias- an irrational optimism that we are going to succeed where countless other struggling writers have perished. But it is necessary- otherwise no one would have the courage to even try to become a writer. Once we have created a certain body of work, there comes a mental re-adjustment based on the actual quality of our own work. Now that is the tricky part- some people can’t deal with it and they fall away. Some continue to hammer on- but there is no fairy tale here- there is no guarantee that everyone who persist will make it. I guess it depends on luck, flexibility, actual talent and lot many factors we humans cannot account for. But there is one sure guarantee- those who cannot persist is never going to make it.

      1. Wonderfully stated. I’m inclined to agree that a certain level of irrational optimism is necessary to get started and to persist in the early going, and maybe it’s just that I’ve reached the second stage of irrational optimism, but I like to think that so few people remain ‘in the writing game’ past their initial forays that those who persist long enough will make it.

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