I am a mental health professional trying to write in my free time. Writing has been a passion which I have refused to give up despite the pressures of a day job.

Writer of the short thriller ‘The Search’ which was selected to Cannes 2013. It was also selected by National Film Board of Canada to FAP program.

This blog started as an attempt to connect with all those writing friends out there toiling in lonely rooms, tearing their heads for that next line…  Just to nod in acknowledgement that ‘damn, this writing aint that easy.’

My email: turn360degree@hotmail.com


13 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW, U sure can write! Although I write stories and Scripts, I really don’t consider myself a writer, But rather a story teller. But in order for me to share it with numerous people I must write it Otherwise I would lose my voice narrating it every time. Anyway, Hopefully my writing will improve. Some people write really well but lack creativity, and some people cant write the very best but definitely have creativity; Which one is more important? Hmm. Anyway, I do need to improve, and I feel with time this I will master script writing. 😀
    Nice blog, Please continue!
    Take care
    Much love and Peace; Hosai 🙂

    1. Thanks Hosai, for the encouraging words. The thing that you said about good writing and good ideas is true. It did ring a bell for me. Some people have good writing styles but not so great ideas.ex: RK Narayan. Some have good ideas but poor prose. ex: Sartre. Scriptwriting is suitable for you if you can come up with good plots, situations and characters but your writing is relatively bland. Not that it is the only criteria for good scriptwriting. But scriptwriting is that form of writing which is most improvable with practice. Because there is a dominant technical aspect to it.

  2. Got guided here from your comment to Pankaj Advani’s script for Taadjaan at PFC.
    Thanks to the god of hyperlinks for guiding me here.

  3. You definitely can write mate. And I seriously doubt if you will ever get over writing. I know I won’t.
    Are you going to post some samples of your screenplays online?
    Also, just wanted to say, keep writing and don’t give up ‘cos the fruits of action is emphatically, not the point of action.

  4. What a delight of a blog! Anish, keep chugging. Trust me, you’re certified to reach where you’re aiming at. Hearty wishes..

    1. Josh, heartfelt thanks for the good words. You don’t know what your comment means to me. Especially when these encouraging words comes from a successful scriptwriter and journalist whose works I admire.

  5. You are right Dev. Just waiting a bit more for the outcomes to become more tangible so that I don’t appear boasting.

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    Amandeep singh

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