Delhi world book fair 2012

Delhi world book fair is back. Went there yesterday and obsessively browsed the titles in the stalls. Couldn’t even finish 50% of the fair in a solid 4 hours.

Book fests can be an adventurous journey where you even don’t  know what you are looking for. If you want to buy an Amitav Ghosh or an Orhan Pamuk or a Deepak Chopra, you don’t need to a book fest. You can just order it sitting at your home. The treasures in book fests hide not in the stalls of the big publishing houses but the small and obscure stalls which may throw in front of you even more obscure titles. Some of those really make you go after them. You know from your heart that you need to get them. Also if you don’t lap them up there itself, you may never find those books again in your life. Those books are the rare homeless butterflies that suddenly fly out into the sun for a brief moment never to be seen again.