‘The Search’ selected by National Film Board of Canada for Filmmaker Assistance Program

More good news is coming our way with the short film ‘The Search.’ It has been selected by The National Film Board of Canada for Filmmaker Assistance Program. NFB will give their in-house studio/personnel support to do some high end post production stuff. NFB will give it’s name behind the production which brings lot of credibility to our film. And, finally, it also opens up distribution possibilities. We are really glad that a short film made with modest expectations have covered so much ground. It do provide a much yearned affirmation about our own worth as writers and filmmakers.


‘The Search’ going to Cannes!

‘The Search’ which I had co-written has been selected to Cannes short film corner. All credit goes to Dev for making this happen. His determination to go the distance regardless of the difficult situations is what made this short exist. And his confidence in himself and his work has given all of us this proud moment of recognition.

‘Sun rise’ story of a music video

I saw a music video directed by a friend today. I am not able to get it out of my mind. Indians are bombarded incessantly with all kind of visualisations of songs. Mostly it is about boys and girls and puppy love. Or some hyper-energetic dance moves. Few are the ones where we actually go back to the music video to examine the visuals again for their own merit. In this case, I was forced to. In every re-viewing I found something subtle hidden masterfully in terms of props or visuals or story elements. It is a small puzzle box in itself.

I found the song and singer soulful with my limited knowledge about music.  And I liked the actors- I realise that an actor can convey what he feels by the way he looks at and hold a guitar- without the crutch of dialogue.

And my jaw dropped when I heard the budget of this video. Budget is no excuse any more for not having a technically sound feature film or short film or music video. Congrats to all those involved in technical aspects of this short for pulling this off. They also deserve credit for the fact that visuals doesn’t fall into the eternal music video trap of trying to wrestle away from the song with its own power display of smartness.

I would try to post a link to the song as soon as I get a post-able one.

Two short film contests

1) The Bombay Sapphire imagination series and Tribeca Film Festival present a short film script contest where you are to write a short film script based on a template provided by Geoffrey Fletcher (scribe of ‘Precious’). Five winners will be chosen and the writers will get an opportunity to work on the production of these scripts. The link is here.

2) An initiative by LA India film council, the second short film promises contest winners 1000 dollars and opportunity to get work experience in a ‘major film production company.’ Open to film and media students in India and LA. The link is here.