Should cannabis be legalised?

There is a lot of confusion across the globe regarding whether to decriminalise cannabis use with or without legalisation.  Some countries like Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium have been trying to make rules more permissive. The realisation that cannabis may have therapeutic value in certain situations like cancer & HIV weight loss, nausea associated with chemotherapy etc may be partially responsible for this. But there is strong international pressure, especially from the International narcotics control bureau (INCB), to abide by the global policies framed in accordance to UN conventions.

I recently presented a seminar in regard to this reviewing the evidence for and against cannabis use decriminalisation and legalisation.

These are the bottom lines-

Hazards related to cannabis use:

It is a well accepted fact that deaths related to alcohol and tobacco (which are legally permitted substances) are more than cannabis by a ratio of at least 10:1. So question is, what is the basis of cannabis being illicit while both alcohol and tobacco are not? Is it just that the countries which are major producers of alcohol and tobacco products have more clout in the international arena? Continue reading