Wild strawberries

Road movies doesn’t  always have to be about getting stoned, hitchhiking girls and goofiness. It can be also about something profound. It can be also about lost opportunities, the inevitable biological death, bittersweet memories, remorse and loneliness. The effect of Freud and psychodynamic theories are well evident in this 1957 movie (Bergman has this tendency to get carried away with the dream sequences). The story is about an aging professor known for his humility and empathy who looks back at his life to face the deep hidden coldness with which he has faced everything in life. It is tough to make melancholic movies which some one would really want to go back to again.  I guess Bergman is an expert in pulling it off. The acting by the lead actor is one of the greatest performances that I have ever seen. After watching ‘Seventh Seal,’ this movie was long in my wish list. Now I guess it is in my ‘re-watch’ list.




The lake was glistening in the afternoon sun like the belly of a water animal on land.

He walked through the pavement separating the lake from the road. Finally he sat on a bench.
The old tree with its feet soaking in the water stooped to look at him. ‘You don’t look happy,’ it said.
He smiled. ‘Its not that.’
The old tree passed fingers through its slowly shrivelling mane.
‘No one comes to Nainital unhappy,’ the tree said.
‘I didn’t come to Nainital unhappy.’
Tree didn’t say anything. A couple passed by. Wrapped around each other, giggling. Continue reading