Strategies for 2011- 3rd update

Number of days= 63

Number of days where I completed 2.5 hours of writing= 29

Number of days where I didn’t write at all= 2

Number of days where I exceeded my target= 9

Number of days I have accessed the net without reaching my targets= 0

The good thing that has happened with posting updates is that my net writing time has increased. In fact the consistency has improved much. Even though the number of days where I have reached the target 2.5 hours is only around 50%, the number of days where I have really tried to reach the target has improved. That is number of days where I don’t do any writing has decreased. Also the number of days where I write for more than 2.5 hours has increased dramatically.

Something that I am yet to crack is some system of networking which I can build into this. I have some ideas but right now I don’t want to rush it. First let me have at least 3-4 solid treatments in hand. Then we will see.

The most important thing that has happened with me with this strategy is that my dependence on internet has almost disappeared. That compulsive urge to log into facebook or twitter, it is not there any more. And the reason? I got forcefully weaned as I couldn’t access net (except email) unless I finish my days’ quota of writing. I realise now that I have been pumping in enormous amounts of time into this apparently harmless micro-browsing episodes scattered through the day. Yeah, there may be obvious disadvantages. But right now, with my focus on churning out as many treatments and scripts as possible this year, I am not bothered. To win some, you have to lose some.

Photo by Taylor Finke