I am trying to figure this out even now. It is an interesting movie by Steven Soderbergh. But then why is it so boring? Can a movie be good and boring at the same time?

Contagion traces the aftermath of a highly infective, lethal viral epidemic. Economic inequality, greed of corporations, media frenzy and paranoia, selflessness of health workers, political games, man’s sheer brutality when his existence is threatened… everything is thrown in. You have seen so many zombie movies which explains the zombie phenomena with some viral apocalypse that it is a relief that this movie doesn’t resort to cheap thrills to maintain the interest quotient. The film maintained the scientific accuracy and the realistic feel in every scene.  At the same time, I personally feel that you don’t have to shun drama to maintain that feel. Soderbergh himself has shown with Traffic and Erin Brockovich that it is possible . It is all about being able to strike the balance while writing. For me, Contagion tipped a little too over to the other side.